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Our Sustainability Goals

Go big at what you’re good at and don’t forget where you came from’. This is a message we want to give to you, our community. But this is also a message for ourselves. Humble Original focuses on sustainable and organic clothing, and we aim to continually enhance our efforts in this regard. Therefore, we have set goals that can improve us as a company, but also on a personal level.
FSC tissue paper goals


Our first goal is very clear. We want to transition to tissue paper instead of plastic to wrap our garments. By using tissue paper, we completely eliminate plastic from our packaging and we only use FSC-certified cardboard and paper. Tissue paper is significantly more expensive than plastic, but to us, the environmental advantages are worth the additional cost. 

This transition is a big step, and therefore we have given ourselves some time to investigate options and compare materials. By the end of 2024, we aim to have completely phased out plastic in our packaging.

second chance goal


The clothing brand Patagonia serves as a significant inspiration for us. Patagonia offers free repairs so that customers don't discard products when they wear out. This is something we also want to implement. 

If products can no longer be repaired, we aim to use them for upcycling. We want to utilize the material to create new clothing, potentially combining it with fabric cutting waste from factories to produce new and improved garments.

Our goal is that by the end of 2027, all of our clothing will have a second life, whether it is through repairs or through the production of new garments. This is how we want to minimize waste and maximize the use of our clothing.



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