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Where Fasion Meets Responsibility

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We're frequently asked about the materials behind our fashion, and rightly so. At Humble Original, we've researched and chosen only the finest raw, organic materials. Your style journey with us is not just about looking good but feeling good, knowing each piece is crafted with care for both you and the planet.

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We understand that packaging and shipping clothing contribute significantly to our carbon footprint. That's why we're dedicated to improving this process at Humble Original. From using more sustainable packaging materials to optimizing transportation, we're committed to reducing our impact and fostering positive change.

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social responsibility sustainability


We recognize the importance of social responsibility. It's not just about the clothes we create; it's about the people who make them. We are dedicated to improving working conditions in our supply chain. Many factories face challenges, and we're committed to fostering positive change. By prioritizing fair and safe labor practices, we aim to create a more equitable and sustainable future for all those involved in bringing our clothing to life.

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our certifications sustainability


At Humble Original, we're proud of our commitment to sustainability and transparency, validated by our certifications. From eco-friendly materials to ethical practices, our certifications assure you that your choice supports a brand dedicated to both style and responsible values.

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our goals sustainability


At Humble Original, we're driven by a vision where fashion meets responsibility. Our goals go beyond fashion, striving to reduce our footprint, amplify social impact, and pioneer towards a circular economy. Through ambitious targets, we aim to inspire positive change and offer you a wardrobe that reflects your values for a brighter, more sustainable future.

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