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Eco-Friendly Transport and Packaging

Sustainable transport and storage


Our partners harvest and collect materials from different places around the world, mostly from Bangladesh, China and Turkey. To manage our ecological footprint which is caused by the transportation of materials and products, we only work with GOTS-certified storage companies in Europe. From there, our products are shipped in FSC-certified packaging materials.

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FSC-cardboard transport and packaging


For our packaging, we use FSC-cardboard. Wood is harvested to produce cardboard. When cardboard has an FSC-label, it means that the wood was harvested in an FSC-forest. 

Wood is a renewable source. However, much wood is harvested unsustainably, leading to the destruction of ecosystems. In an FSC-certified forest, the forest is responsibly managed and utilized. This ensures the ecological and economic growth of wood, which we use in our cardboard.

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fsc logo transport and packaging


Many clothing brands use plastic for packaging garments. Our goal is to completely transition to tissue paper by the end of 2024. This will ensure that no plastic is used in our packaging. We will, of course, use FSC-certified tissue paper, to support ecologically responsible wood harvesting. 

Our transition away from plastics in our packaging is one of the goals we set for ourselves. With these goals, we aim to become more environmentally conscious and create sustainable and responsible clothes. Curious about other goals we have in mind?

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