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Why do we work with other brands?

Like many other clothing brands, we don’t produce the clothes ourselves. Many small clothing brands choose to partner with external manufacturers rather than producing their garments in-house due to cost considerations and a focus on core competencies. 

Collaborating with experienced manufacturers not only helps control costs through economies of scale but also ensures adherence to high standards of quality and sustainability. This approach allows us to allocate resources efficiently, maintain competitiveness in pricing, and benefit from the expertise of established manufacturers in the fashion industry.

Who are we working with

As of this year, we proudly announce our partnership with Stanley/Stella. Stanley/Stella is an in Belgian based sustainable clothing producer that focusses on circularity, our planet and the wellbeing of their employees.

Since 2012, Stanley/Stella has been a member of the fair wear foundation and this has even earned them a leader status. The company now has more than 200 employees and operates in 34 countries around the world. Find out more about Stanley/Stella and their commitment to a better world.

Learn more about Stanley/Stella



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